Two Spirals….

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Bruce’s recent post on recent post on SMART goals stirred my thinking about another part of annual planning sessions that I have always struggled with internally: The dreaded “headcount” line in the spreadsheet. The struggle part for me Continue reading


Happy 234th Birthday Marines

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Semper Fidelis and happy birthday to all Marines,  born 234 years ago today – in a bar. Continue reading

Lean Health Care – Humble Before People

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When I decided to blog I made a rule that I would NOT post on lean health care for two reasons: I have never done health care, it has only been done to me, and there are other blogs that are prolific and profound on the subject (here’s one.)  But rules were meant to be broken, right?

The story begins with Fred Holliday who goes to the ER for pain in his lower chest / back.  It turns out Continue reading