Interesting Poka Yoke

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We bought a new kitchen table yesterday and found an interesting mistake proofing system for all the nuts, bolts, and washers that are needed for assembly.  They were in a bag that was put inside a bigger red bag.  The top of the red bag was twisted into a strip and then the was stapled on the outside of the box.  You could easily see before shipping if the hardware was included or not!  Simple but very effective.  Nothing worse than getting something home and getting ready to assemble and something is missing!  I’m sure we have all experienced this frustration.

Unfortunately, all the tables in the store were made in China or Thailand (the one we bought).  Anyone know how the furniture industry is doing with lean implementation?  I know 8 years ago we were able to buy a crib from an American manufacture.  Didn’t have a choice this weekend with the table.


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3 Responses

  1. Neat poka yoke. I wonder if they could have put “Hardware Missing” in red letters then have the strap cover that up. My concern is that it is the PRESENCE of something that is visually obvious at a glance and not the ABSENCE of something that is obvious at a glance. This is certainly better than other non-poka yoked consumer assembly items though. Alas, the sad commentary is that there was no US made offering in set of choices.

  2. If I am looking at this right there is a bag that indicates from the outside that a “hardware” bag is inside. My question is did anything indicate all of the hardware was included in the bag? Many times the bags are included but do not have all of the hardware needed to build the item. While this sounds like an improvement there may be more to be done.

    • There was nothing to indicate correct pieces were in the bag. Not sure if they had something like kitting that then dumped into the bag or not. Probably not since there was actually one extra washer after assembling 4 chairs, a bench, and the table. Much better than being short for me, but to your point…..more to be done!

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