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I received multiple emails from my finance manager on the upcoming end of the year time reporting for salary folks. I found it quite humerous thinking how wasteful the requirements were that it detailed. It stated we needed to turn in our time for the end of the year by 12/16 in order to satisfy corporate HQ requirements. I must enter my actual time up to the 16th and then put in what I think I will work through the 1st and submit. Then if there is a change from what we estimate, we have to print out the submitted timecard, make manual changes, sign the changes, then get our boss to approve, and take to the Finance Manager to manually change!?!?! What is really hilarious is that we as salary are not supposed to fill out our actual time, just enter 8 hours M-F, no matter if you put in 40 hours or 80 hours.


Doesn’t seem like a big deal, an extra 5 minutes of my time to read the emails and submit my “40 hours” of time. However, we have several hundred salary folks in the plant and when you do the math it equates to 16 hours of waste!
That’s 2 days, well a day and a half, of work!

What a waste! I’m sure there is some SOX or other requirement somewhere that this needs to be done. Maybe some of you finance guys can educate me on this. However, think of how much time finance people have spent on this. What if they were helping us to make our business more profitable rather than the waste above?  What if everyone in the staff worked on eliminating a small problem on the floor instead?

If you’re interested in getting your finance and accoutants involved in your transformation check out Brian  Maskell’s site  here.  He does a great job of capturing and creating solutions to accounting waste!

I guess you just have to laugh. Someday we will get everyone pulling on the same rope in the same direction…..until then I can keep submitting ideas to Dilbert‘s Scott Adams!


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3 Responses

  1. I think if that has anything to do with sox, it is your company’s interpretation of sox not the actual law. In our plant you just let the hr specialist know if take vacation or was sick and missed a day or whatever. If you forget, she asks. Our contoller has never left the plant in handcuffs and we have never had to to restate earnings so I don’t think it is SOX. Sounds more like stupid or an insidious desire to control.

  2. Bryan,

    Excellent post. Reminds me of a post I wrote awhile ago for Mark Graban’s LeanBlog on “the normalcy of waste.” Check it out here:http://www.leanblog.org/2007/05/normalcy-of-waste.html

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