Lean Is Good – Year in Review

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As 2009 wanes it is a good time to reflect.  To reflect on accomplishments as well as what was left on the table.

It’s also a time to look back on what posts were popular on the Lean Is Good blog.  Here are the top posts of 2009 by page views:

  1. 5S – Shadows Boards Are Bad and Reflection is Good – a reflective post about shadow boards and the purpose of 5S.
  2. Policy Deployment #1 – Smart Goals Aren’t That Smart – a post challenging the “attainable” requirement of the SMART goal paradigm.
  3. Lean Implementation – When to Pull – a post that argues that pulling earlier is better than pulling later in a lean implementation.
  4. Performance Evals Are Bad – The Great Jackass Fallacy – a post questioning the assumption that punishment and rewards is an effective motivation model.
  5. Leadership for Lean – Humility – a post reviewing an interview with Harvard Business School’s and former Medtronic CEO Bill George about the need for humility and reflection by business leaders during crisis and in a lean enterprise.
  6. Hurry Up and Wait! – Muri – a post about overburdening an asset (muri) and the implications on lead time.
  7. CFO Magazine – Lean Health Care – a post reviewing Josh Hyatt’s article in CFO Magazine titled Keen to Be Lean.


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One Response

  1. Good Start in 2009. I am enjoying your posts. Best of success in 2010 and hopefully some collaboration on some posts would be fun.

    Tim McMahon
    A Lean Journey

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