New Year’s Resolution – Do Less

Image by Jacob & Kiki Hantla under Creative Commons Attribution

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When you reflect on this year you probably see busyness replacing effectiveness, mixed priorities instead of a constant mission and doing more instead of doing important or vital.

The challenge is for next year that instead of a new year’s resolution to lose weight or learn a new language you first decide what you are going to stop doing. What are your principles, values, beliefs? What are you doing on a weekly or daily basis that does not fit these beliefs?

Through reflection of 2009, what could you have eliminated? What can you organize so that if you have to do it, takes less time or less resources to perform?

What value are you adding to those around you? What value are you getting out of your daily routine?

Prioritize what you are currently doing. If you have only 1 hour a week to do something, anything, what would be? Do that and eliminate all the things that distract you from that.

Policy deployment. Is what you are doing today aligned with your mission / vision? Eliminate or modify anything that does not move you to who you want to be. Also, create measurements that give you feedback on your progress and direction.

Lean tools. For those items that fit your mission or can’t be avoided, create standard work and remove any form of waste so that you are effective in your endeavor.

My goal for 2010 is to do less. Most of the people that know me would say that isn’t possible but that is my plan.


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