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I was a technical manager for an auto parts supplier feeling like there was something missing in this “manufacturing thing” we were doing.  Along came six sigma, which was great for some problems, but I quickly found it was not the answer to all like my company was trying to make it.  Then I accidently happened across a copy of John Shook’s “Learning to See” and I was amazed and overwhelmed with a desire for more information.  The Lean bug had bitten me and I couldn’t get enough information about TPS.

I have had the opportunity to implement lean in mass production and job shop environments.  I’m constantly amazed at the lean concepts and their implementation.  I love simplicity, servant leadership, and hands on understanding.   Lean is just a perfect fit!

Along with Lean, I also love Husker football and bass fishing.  There is nothing better than catching a game or an afternoon on the lake with one of my 3 daughters!

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