Happy Easter

Happy Easter from the Lean Blog. 

God Bless!

Lean has a long ways to go……

I’m in Costa Rica this week for a little R&R but of course couldn’t help but make a few Lean observations, much to the dismay of my wife! Anyway, in case we think we will ever get to the pinnacle of Lean, which of course we all know the journey never ends, there is plenty of opportunity here Costa Rica!  Also saw some great things, but mostly real time wasters, like the hour wait for the 5 people line at the bank!

However, Costa Rica is such a beautiful place, why would you want to be in a hurry!


Let’s have a meeting to kill meetings!

[tweetmeme source=”leanisgood” service=”ow.ly” only_single=false]Meetings….UUUGGHHHH.  There have been many posts about meetings and how many you have indicate the health of your

operation.  This is one of my favorites from last year by Dan Markovitz at Timeback Management.

It seems everyone gripes about them, even those that call them, but we all still keep having them?  Some are necessary but we should always try to minimize based on trading our valuable time in gemba for sitting in a conference room.  If I can get your help, I’d like to do a little cyber group analysis and see if we can’t eliminate some meeting waste, hopefully without even having a meeting about it! Continue reading

Leadership Re-directions: Change is bad?

[tweetmeme source=”leanisgood” service=”ow.ly” only_single=false]We’re all familar with the old “Change is good” saying!  Have you ever experienced a natural change in leadership and had a director come in and completely revamp the way your team reports, plans, etc?  Sometimes this is a good thing and often necessary in a lean transformation.  But what if you have been on your way down the path and your director is promoted?  Is it really value added to scrap the methods and tools of your team if they represent the same methodology and get you to the same place in the end?

Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the lean blog.  While we have received many gifts from the Lean community that inspire and improve us and our organizations, today is the day we remember the greatest gift of all……God’s son in the flesh!

Although we all make sacrifices for the good of our teams and organizations, none compare to the sacrifice Jesus made for all of us on the cross.

May your upcoming year be blessed with the glory and grace of God!


Great Post – The Silly Cycle

[tweetmeme source=”leanisgood” service=”ow.ly” only_single=false]Just came across a great post here by Christian Paulsen at the Lean Leadership Blog.  He compares the PDCA cycle that Deming preached to the “Silly Cycle” that replaces the PCA with Do, Do, Do.  This post really hit home with the way we run around “doing” things rather than thinking them through.

As a leader do you encourage any action to be done regardless of root cause analysis?  Do you punish those who are thinking a problem through and not just out there “doing” something?  It’s an easy trap to fall into.  Have you ever felt you had to have something to tell the corporate office on a problem?  The more countermeasures thrown at the problem the better right????  Wrong!!!!

Take the time to reinforce with your teams the value of the PDCA cycle.  Reward them for thinking a problem through.  Ask the tough questions around causal explanation and experimentation.  Ensure you create time from all the “doing” for your teams to work on the Act portion, implementing systems!

The PCDA cycle will not only fix your problems, but more importantly, develop problem solvers that can fix even more problems!


Happy Thanksgiving…..Be thankful for Lean

[tweetmeme source=”leanisgood” service=”ow.ly” only_single=false]Happy Thanksgiving from the Lean Is Good blog. 

As I reflect back, there is so much to be thankful for it amazes me.  Often times in our blogospheres we rant and rave about all the negative things like lack of leadership, overburdened workloads, lack of commitment, etc.  However, take a minute to think about all the things your teams did well this year!  How many kanban systems did you start or improve upon?  How many of your processes are more stable now than a year ago since you implemented standard work or process control charting?  Most importantly, how many people did you teach that there are simpler and better ways to do business successfully?

I bet you got a lot done!!!!!  Be thankful that we continue to have andon pulls to work on!!!!