Hoshin Kanri and Metrics: Make it Personal

[tweetmeme source=”leanisgood” service=”ow.ly”]When discussing Policy Deployment, one of the challenges is linking the vision / Mission to daily activities across the organization. One must capture the essence of the organization as well as understand what I do impacts the overall business. It also must matter to the associates. How can this be done? You need to get creative and have the associates / team members help with the process.
As a leader in the organization, your role is to connect the dots from what the business vision is to daily activities.
How do you get from the mission / vision down to a daily objective that everyone can understand?
Let’s say your mission / vision is to see your grandchildren grow up and be healthy enough to play with them. Sounds pretty good. That is big picture, though. How do I get this translated into something I can handle?
What are the metrics or drivers for this? Several items come to mind
Total cholesterol HDL / LDL, Glucose level, Resting Heart Rate, Waist Measurement and BMI are all metrics that are used to measure overall health. So how do I improve these?
I need something tangible that can roll up into improving these measurements. Also, there are some other items like stress that may be more damaging to health in the long run than some of these other metrics but don’t have real good measurement tools for. You need to be aware of this when you are tracking improvements. Like the Einstein quote , “Not everything that counts can be measured and not everything that can be measured counts.”
So what would be a good annual goal that would move you towards improved health?
So, what about completing a marathon? A triathlon? Hiking Pike’s Peak? You need to choose something that inspires and yet doesn’t overwhelm and is reasonable for an annual goal. Unless you you’re your employees really well you will need their input to understand what would be Inspirational to them.
What is the monthly / daily roadmap to get where I want to be?
What about limiting your consumption of chili dogs with cheese to 5 per sitting? An apple a day. I will run 50 miles per month. I will eat oatmeal for breakfast 5 days per week. I will only drink water after 7 pm unless Monday Night Football is on. This is definitely where the associates who actually do the work will need to be involved. You understand the goals of the business but do you really know how that translates into what the person on the floor or standing in front of the customer is doing every day? This isn’t pounds per man-hour or closed calls per shift, this is value creation and waste reduction. These metrics may be different for each process or function. It is your responsibility to be able to roll them up into the big picture.

But what about today and tomorrow? What can I start doing? How about standard work?
Mon / Wed / Fri Get up at 5 am – Run for 30 minutes minimum. Stretch before and after workout
Tues / Thurs – Get up at 5 am – Exercise bike / elliptical for 45 minutes
Sat – Swim for 30 minutes. Run for 1 hour
Sun – Nurse wounds
How about some 5S to help at 5 am?
Sort – Throw out the workout clothes that don’t fit.
Set in order – Take the clothes off the elliptical machine / exercise bike. Exercise clothes segregated from work clothes.
Shine – May need to dust the exercise equipment. Check bike tires, backpacks, whatever you are going to need to succeed.
Standardize – See routine above.
Sustain – review results and improve performance based on distance / minutes per mile, resting heart rate.
Celebrate wins – After a week of workouts, make sure you reward yourself. This is to keep the momentum. How do you do this for your business?
I realize this is much easier when you are the one with the vision and skin in the game everyday but this is what each and every employee/associate/team member needs to see, touch and feel to really make policy deployment stick.

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